Dear BreakOUT!,

Thank y’all so so much!  Our visit to New Orleans was a beautiful, beautiful thing and you all gave us both so much life.  Life, inspiration, joy, grounding, laughs, smiles, and filled hearts.  Thank you for those gifts.

We want you to know that your truth, your lives, your leadership is everything.

We want you to know that you breathing makes it easier for us to breath, you surviving helps our entire community survive, you thriving shines for us all.

We want you to know that you are not alone, and just like we had not met before last weekend, there is an entire net-that-works of fierce, brilliant lovers of justice who want to see you as people and the work you do together, succeed and grow.

TGIJP was so impressed with the breadth and depth of your projects.  From making ID’s to protesting prison expansion, from fighting ICE to safely commuting together, its clear that love and authenticity, that effectively addressing root causes is the strategic center of how y’all move in the world.  That is leadership worth sharing!

We are firm believers that you have to start somewhere, and we were inspired how much further past a start BreakOUT! has led.  TGIJP is excited to continue to work with y’all, to learn from and with y’all, and to grow our local work and our national movements together so that together we move closer to safety and economic justice.  We are not sure what all that will look like over the coming years with options from monthly Skype calls leaders-to-leaders to membership exchanges or even collaboratively designing and launching a national TGI leadership for liberation school, but we do know that the leadership of BreakOUT! needs to be core in guiding the process.  We also know that we are in it together.

Thanks for being fierce, fabulous and for being you!  Thank you for hosting us!  Please don’t be strangers, and do let us know how to best collaborate.  Appreciate each of you!  TGIJP loves BreakOUT!!!

Be Safe and Stay Strong,

Janetta and danni