Starting today on #GiveNOLADay through May 17th (a date our friends at TGI Justice Project have dubbed #TransGiveOutDay), we need your help to build our grassroots donor support base for a stronger and more sustainable movement!  Our goal is to get 15 new monthly sustainers to give at least $15 each month in the next 15 days, or until May 17th.

If we reach our goal, that’s $2,700 a year that we can rely on to help us build the power of queer and trans youth in New Orleans!


*NOTE: To become a monthly sustainer, you will need to DONATE HERE, rather than through GiveNOLADay. For a one-time gift on May 3rd 2016, please donate through GiveNOLADay, which will help us receive more of their matching Lagniappe Fund.