Local organizations come together for shared vision: Ending police harassment

On Friday, October 24th, children from the Congress of Day Laborers (Congreso) and the New Orleans Worker’s Center for Racial Justice will lead diverse community members in the Children’s March, a march dedicated to ending police harassment of New Orleanians.
Following the march, the Congreso will hold a press conference at City Hall and allow members to speak about collusion between the NOPD and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the damaging impact it has produced, share testimonies of police malpractice, deportation as a human rights issue, and invite other groups of people to share their experiences.  Children will deliver a letter to the Mayor, calling for specific recommendations to stop NOPD collusion with ICE.

BreakOUT!, another community leader in policing reform in New Orleans, will also release We Deserve Better, our new report on LGBTQ profiling and police harassment in New Orleans, and deliver a copy to the Mayor, just in time for city budget hearings next week.  

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All of this will coincide with the U.S. Human Rights Network regional meeting, human rights hearing, and tribunal, happening in New Orleans this weekend.
The action will be another step in our partnership with Congreso, Vice to ICE, to further build relationships between members of the two organizations and build the collective power of communities directly impacted by criminalization.  Whether it is the policing of LGBTQ spaces in New Orleans or continually breaking families apart through collusion with ICE, our groups represent different walks of life with one united purpose.
Read the Congreso’s media advisory here.