Photo by Matt Davis, The Lens

A group of young people from BreakOUT! and ther friends remembered the lives of two of their peers who were recently murdered in New Orleans.  Brenting Dolliole, a trans-identified 22 year old, was found beaten to death on November 26, 2011.  Just a few weeks later on December 29, 2011, a 23 year-old transgender woman, Githe Goines, was found strangled to death, her body dumped in a scrap yard in eastern New Orleans.

Friday night, a small group of young people gathered to remember their friends.  Carrying white roses and candles, they walked down Tulane Ave. to the neutral ground by Tulane and Broad St.  Amid evening traffic, they formed a circle, read a poem, reflected on the lives of their friends, and grieved the violence in the city that makes them feel like “any one of us could be gone tomorrow.”

A survivor of one of the victims wore a memorial hoodie and spoke about her daily struggle since her partner’s passing.  The youth commented on the lack of safety in New Orleans, both on the streets and with law enforcement, and the toll the violence has had on their lives and community.  They vowed to come together in support of one another.

The young people closed their circle out with a prayer before leaving signs, pictures, flowers, and burning candles on an altar in the neutral ground.

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